There is one advantageous method to hitting a baseball. I know how to teach it to players at all levels.

Secrets of the Swing | Lau Hitting

Secrets of the Swing

This 3-Part DVD is the first of the DVD series made by Charley Lau Jr. It exposes the essentials of becoming a much better hitter, and will give you an idea of what the Lau Baseball Academy training is about. Secrets of the Swing – 3-DVD Package Price: $79.99 Shipping: Flat Rate US: $7.95, Canada: $17.00

Charley’s first 3 part hitting DVD series.

Part 1. Setting Yourself Up For Success.

This discusses stance, bat position and body alignment.

Part 2. Building The Swing.

Identifies flaws in the swing and some drills to correct them.

Part 3. Troubleshooting.

Discusses potential problems with timing, poor set up position and wasted motion. This little gem will give you a taste as to what you will experience at a hitting school at “The Lau Baseball Academy.”

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  • Secrets of the Swing DVD Series

What are people saying about The Lau Method?

Ryan Kastner

The Charlie Lau swing has allowed me to have great success against the best tournament pitchers in NJ. I have batted over .550 every year since I went to your school 5 years ago. I can now hit with power to all fields and I am now hitting long home runs over the fence on a consistent basis and doing it against kids that are a year older than me. I feel lucky to have learned the same famous Lau swing that the best MLB hitters are using today. If most kids new how well the Lau swing works, they would be using it. Thanks for all your help.

Alex Csorba III

I’ve helped coach kids and teams for over thirty years and must say that I have never seen anything as helpful and great as the Lau Modern Hitting Laws. My 12 year old twins as well as some of the kids I coach have went from average hitters with average power, to powerful hitters who hit to all areas of the field. Knowing how to hit so well has been a great boost to there confidence as well as there batting averages. Your book and videos did things for my boys and other kids hitting that I never believed possible.I am so thankful to you for all you have helped them achieve.

Lou Piniella

Charley was a pioneer of all this. When you see the mechanics that some of these very successful hitters use you can go back to what Charley was talking about in the 70s and ’80s. These are just extensions of that.

Charley Lau Jr.

He greatly expanded on his father’s legendary teachings by clarifying and dispelling the myths and misunderstandings of the hitting system. He broke the swing down in to digestible pieces and developed drills that took away flaws and developed a much more improved swing.

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